Bucket List

At first, I didn’t know what a bucket list was until I saw the movie, “The Bucket List.” What a great idea! Now all my “to-do’s” have a name – they are now called my “bucket list.” But something wasn’t right. A bucket list appeared to be for those who have an impending sense of end of life. They want to hurry up for lost time. I have neither. But I do have a bucket list.

Anyone can have one. I find my list has changed over the years. I have let my bucket list grow without completing any of the items. Now I am starting to empty my bucket. Why? I thought youth was synonymous with living in the moment and didn’t think much about getting things done. As I aged I would lose the sense of seizing the day and thought more of where I would be in future years. But I became more comfortable in my skin,commensurate with life experiences. I was older and confident enough to reach into my bucket and work on my list. I discovered I was living each moment, eventually completing items on my list.

I don’t have to wait until I feel closer to death than life, I am ready for bucket my list now.

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