Thoughts on Grace

“Oh, didn’t you know my middle name is, ‘Grace?” I’ve often said in jest to diffuse my embarrassment of any immediate physical error – a stumble, a knock over the filled water glass, a trip over the dog. Though I am no gazelle-like, willowy ballerina – a poster person for pure grace – my  short, stocky legs and thick, but toned arms, defy grace. I also think of grace as a partner to “dignity.” I like to think others and myself to handle sticky, challenging matters with grace and dignity. And maybe through our graceful and dignified actions, there is something to be learned.

The word “grace” is not just a noun with limited synonyms. The context can take on a theological meaning, invoking God and specifically, his actions. Grace is the favor of God’s life within us, movement by God, really. So the limited noun grace, now becomes action, a verb – acts.

I think of grace as being purely spiritual. Choosing grace is a selfish act like giving forgiveness. It becomes a means of conveying a spiritual gift, an act of clemency.

Turning to a life of grace where acts of kindness can heal, forgiveness can give hope, and self-centeredness can turn to people-centeredness is living a spiritual life that makes us better human beings.

I will always have “grace” as my middle name, not only because I like the name but also it reminds me to choose a spiritual path that is verb – active and requiring motion.

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