The Yellow Weed

I was struck by how familiar the sight was yet there was something a little wrong about it. It is Spring and with budding of the new season, the conditions for  fauna and foliage are just right for their awakenings. Browns are turning with slight green tinges, spring bulbs have popped their showy heads in red and yellows. Nature’s landscape is filling in. It is also filling in with weeds!

As I was driving down Wilmette Avenue, blankets of green running in tandem with my line of vision, the hilly greens wore yellow polka dots, some small, others in larger clusters. The proliferation of dandelions didn’t offer much for my idea of perfect landscapes because of the common weed’s reputation. I could only think of how much work and weed killer is needed to get the buttery flower out of sight. The fight to keep grass green and free of any other color continues through summer.

I admit I like dandelions. Though I discourage their growth just like any other lawn bearing neighbor, these pop-ups are okay with me. I am reminded that in a world where during our busy lives in each hour of the day where we strive for perfection and goodness, it is okay for the weeds of the day to pop. I welcome bits of color to be added to my day’s experience.

Instead of fighting that which we don’t want in our lives, maybe we should embrace them and realize they can only add to our landscapes, adding gratitude as we navigate through our lives.

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