Doing nothing? That’s something.

In a recent column by Barbara Brotman in the Chicago Tribune she told her readers to not underestimate the power of doing nothing. I agree. But with an additional twist.

I know you are probably asking how could anyone possibly do nothing. There’s always something. And with the excess of mobile devices in hands, its use should take up any floating free minutes you have. So how is it still possible to do nothing and why would you anyway?

And additionally, to have to face your own answer to, “now what?” is daunting. I suspect when the tiny voice in our head declares a lapse in action we secretly know we can execute from our “to-do” list.  But that prospect can seem overwhelming. And so goes the power of procrastination.

So why not do something, and do nothing?  I’d bet you consider your surroundings to be background noise. Try tuning into the “noise.” By tuning in and living in the moment, you access your feelings and emotions.The inactivity alone promises peace and pleasure by simply taking in your surroundings using your senses. You may discover you are anxious without really knowing it. You may feel your shoulders set under your earlobes in tension. Your breathing surely must be shallow and quick. By tuning in and experiencing the moments, maybe even daydreaming, or not even put your attention anywhere, is something. As Walt Whitman once wrote, ” . . . I loafe and invite my soul . . .” What a way to connect with your self by doing nothing but inviting your soul. 

How much better we’d feel and act towards one another in kindness by doing something, by doing nothing.

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