Gone “unliked”

It has been a little disconcerting to learn my “like” button went unused for my previous post. It’s the first post I’ve written since I started blogging where I didn’t get at least 1 “like.” What was wrong with it, I wonder. I re-read it and quite frankly, I didn’t like it either. Why? 

I looked back to those posts where I got favorable responses and compared those to the previous unliked one. What did those likeable ones have that this one didn’t? 

I’ve been trying a new gig – mixing some reporting with my creative writing. So either I need a hell of a lot more practice at it, or I should forget it because that writing doesn’t come naturally. Perhaps it’s a little of both.

I think I’ll stick my memoir writing. Maybe people like to read more about others’ personal feelings, life lessons and emotions. It’s something that is connectable among each other. And I think we all want to feel connected, alike with others in some way, especially during this time of techno gadgets where staying connected has never been so un-connected.


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