Best Blue I’ve ever seen

Is it a watercolor, or an oil?

The color, even, deep, everywhere.

It makes you pick your head up, hold it high

and turn round and round

filling your self with the best blue you’ve ever seen.

 It is an optical illusion

It can be seen for miles in the open air.

If you stare at it, you can’t tell if it’s close enough to touch your nose, or if it is so far away, you strain to see just where it ends.

 Wait. Paper- thin dark lines scratch the best blue I’ve ever seen.

branch out from one chunkier line.

They dance. 

Cold. Wind. Blows. Dust the blue canvas. Thin lines jiggle, tickling my best blue I’ve ever seen.

 I search to learn more about it. Stretches high and low. 

Hides behind my head and just beside my shoulders. It is everywhere. It is the best blue I’ve ever seen.

Finally, a big yellow circle. Bright. Sneaks through my best blue with a snug fit.  I long for days like this. Any day that makes me stop, breath deep, stand taller, and reach for my best blue I’ve ever seen.

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