A Tale of Anger

There once was a man who carried a chip. The chip weighed him down so much so that it made him drag his feet. He became tired. The chip affected him so much that his tongue became swollen and he could not speak to be understood .The chip could not be broken. It became a part of him; he could never lose it. And it grew with his age. It got bigger and soon it overtook him, becoming its own entity, controlling his life. The chip made his decisions, created unacceptable behavior and walked its own path. The man became lost, losing himself as time went on. His behavior and speech was not like the man for the chip always interrupted him. When he spoke to others they were scared of what they heard and saw of this man.

There once was another man who was alone with no family or friends. He did not have the wisdom and guidance bestowed upon him from his parents. He came from a poor home with no money for good things. He wished to have all things that others had gratefully bestowed upon them. But the man soon realized the outside of his home was exactly how it was on the inside. His head became big and heavy from all the sadness he came to know. Then before he knew it, the sadness turned into anger. His house exploded from the emptiness and when he landed on his feet, he found himself in a world that wasn’t much different from his own. His head ruled his actions and his mouth followed his thoughts. Everywhere he went others stared at him because they did not know what to make of him. Others saw him as a walking man wrapped in hate. Some feared him.

This man had it all, so others would think. He had money that brought him all he wanted. And it showed. He soon became a different person who got lost in all his material wealth. He learned early on that he would always expect the world to give him what he wanted and when he wanted it. His demands grew and so did his attitude. He looked upon the outside world as giving him all that he deserved. He became angry and mean when faced with speaking with others in the outside world. His anger and meanness spoke for themselves for others answered back as he did not like. The real world became his enemy as he created one of his own.

There once was a man who was smarter than any other man. He saw the man with the chip sitting at a table and he asked if he could join him. The man with the chip answered back with a stare and a slight nodding of the head. The smart man asked, “What is that you are wearing?” The man with the chip’s face responded with a look of disgust and disbelief. He did not respond. The smart man told him he looked as if he was carrying something so heavy and that it was a burden to him. The smart man said, “Why don’t you speak? Is your tongue so heavy and your head so swelled that your thoughts are confused and your speech is stalled?”  In that instant the smart man looked up and noticed another man walking passed him who appeared alone. He tried to make eye contact with him but the man did not see him. With a wave of the smart man’s hand the alone man looked at him, said nothing, and took a seat behind the smart man. When the smart man was not looking the man who had everything appeared next to him. The man spoke with a demanding tone and a harsh angered tongue. The smart man noticed that the alone man did not speak at all but appeared sad. The smart man asked him, “Why are you so sad?  Is the world so unforgiving that you have turned into an angry villain?  The man who has everything overheard his question and looked straight into the smart man’s eyes. The smart man noticed that he was angered by the words he said. He asked the man who has everything, “Do you, too, believe your world owes you all that you demand?”

When the smart man realized that it is anger that spoke words to him and directed their actions he became quiet and still. The silence soothed him at once but soon he heard anger coming from the three men like a dark cloud swollen with rain. He turned to the man with the chip and said, “Only when you choose to leave your anger will your weight be lifted and your chip will smash to the floor and break into pieces. You will see clearly a path and be lost no more. Others will no longer fear you because they will walk with you.”  The smart man then turned to the second man who was alone and said, “Only when you choose to leave your anger will you be alone no more. You will become filled with wealth and walk a path in a new world. Your home will be happy from the reflection of the outside world. Lastly, the smart man turned to the last man who carried with him an attitude filled with demand and false pretense. He told him, “Only when you choose to leave your anger will you no longer have demands for you already have what you need.  Others will fill you when you will need more. The smart man then looked at all three men and told them that if they release their anger now, others who look at them will notice their freedoms and will be pleased. Soon, many will realize that anger begets anger and they too, will remain free from the constraints that bind them.

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