The Plot of Your Life

I reblogged “The Plot of Your Life” because I found it loaded with intangibles yet universal in theme for memoir writers. Memoir writers have accumulated details of their lives that form experiences where a writer can only hope a plot is revealed. And this is where I struggle, straying from my theme.

I am motivated to keep developing “Under the Birch Tree,” to make sense of my experiences through words. Most times I just don’t see the sense maybe because I’m looking too hard and I’m expecting a grandiose revelation.  But I, too, will keep thinking about the events and experiences as my plot.

Marlene Luneng

Do you ever look at your life and wonder where your current events fit into the plot of your life? That is where I am at these days. Mostly because I began writing my memoir Sunlight in 2010 and felt it didn’t have an ending. So I have been working out the plot and realize I still need the thematic significance, character emotional development and the dramatic action according to The Plot Whisper: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master.

I am trying to live my life just as a normal person may do but I can’t help but see things unfolding that fall into this universal story structure. It has me worried sometimes because as close as I come to the drama of the thematic significance I think to myself it is still going to get a bit worse than this in the dramatic action section.


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