A Second Pass at Overpass Into Fog

So true, brilliant writing in an authentic voice.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

church Steven Church discusses the whys and wherefores of his brilliant essay “ Overpass into Fog, ” found in the most recent issue of Brevity :

When I wrote “Overpass Into Fog” most of it came out in one mad rush. I was trying to warp and stretch time on the page perhaps because I was interested in how a moment can seem to expand and swell until it is distended with meaning. I don’t mean some kind of epiphany where the movement is linear, from darkness to light. It’s not that easy. Instead I’m thinking about those moments where the laws of physics seem to bend to the meaning-making part of your brain and time actually slows down or speeds up, or leaps forward and backward, where the movement is wild, circular, digressive, and recursive, but still pinned to a specific time and space, and to a unique consciousness. I’m…

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