Memoir Platform


Oh, that word, “platform.” When I hear or read it I inhale with tension and exhale in surrender. What’s a memoir writer to do when she can’t keep up with platform content and all its connection points? I’m beginning to find myself being distracted, if not, preoccupied to the point of losing sight on the writing itself.

I listened to a presentation by Dan Blank ( I liked what he had to say about how to create a knock-out, memoir-specific, platform not only because it was focused on memoir but also because of one short statement he made. “Your voice is your platform.” This resonated with me as an “aha” moment. He went on to say to create experiences for yourself and for your readers. You don’t need to fill channels with “content.”

As I continue with developmental editing of my memoir, I thought about creating something in support of my memoir using channels. It wasn’t just about opening another new Facebook page or blog, both of which I titled, “Under the Birch Tree.” For me, I wanted to use my two social media to plant my voice, enabling my worldview to grow, to make connections with my audience.

Voice is a powerful thing. I’m not writing about an awful childhood, addiction or abuse. On the contrary. I hope to use my voice to create a resonance with my readers. As long as I remain focused on just how I will tell my story, I can inhale with relief and exhale with confidence.

“Voice is your best asset to engage fans,” according to Dan. And that’s my best platform.

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