Refocusing a Narrative

Nancy Chadwick, Writer

I came across a title of an article today, “The Big Reason Why Agents and Editors Stop Reading,” by Paula Munier, literary agent and content strategist. Ordinarily I would have skipped reading this because my memoir and I are just not agent and/or editor ready. I can’t even say if I will even try to secure an agent but at the very least I hope to look to an editor – eventually. I don’t take my designated reading time lightly as the guilt of spending the time to study ever-changing and fast-moving memoir writing and book publishing worlds to the point when I surrender and plead ignorance never wanes.

But I decided to give this a read anyway. The article was an excerpt from Paula’s book, “Writing with Quiet Hands, posted Her first sentence packed a punch and, for me, it really didn’t have anything to do with…

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