notes from a (almost) published writer

With just one week away until my memoir’s debut, and one day remaining for the Goodreads giveaway, the excitement is kicking in!

There’s still time to preorder, or maybe you are holding out to support your local bookstore. In the meantime, enter the giveaway, if you haven’t already. You could win!

007There’s bookstores to visit and connect with as well as the post office, ushering my remaining advanced reader copies out into public hands.

Even Zack has perked up from beagle slumber to see what’s up.


What a journey this has been.  Who knew that decades later I would write about a tree! But it was, indeed, something about trees when I was a young girl. My connection to a particular tree, a birch, became the impetus for my story about discovering connections to a good place to be, home, despite the many disconnections I would face. Not only is this a story about belonging, but about self-discovery along the way.


This is one of my (many) favorite quotes from a writer of life lessons. I think of this as how the mustard seed, though tiny, is capable of growing into something much bigger than once its speckle of a self. And how faith showed me the open doors to my connections. A little bit of faith can go a very long way!

“My faith remained constant through the years, engaging wisdom and grace, unfolding from many bad wrinkles I experienced through life. I learned to trust God and because of this, I was never really alone.” –Under the Birch Tree




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