Book the Year?

Just when I considered Under the Birch Tree and I to have fallen into a lull after our publication, launch, and events, I am excited to share news with you!

Under the Birch Tree is up for Book of the Year at!


Rated 4 out of 4 stars, Under the Birch Tree has been reviewed as ” . . . a spectacular and well-written memoir.”

For a full review and comments, see it at Full Review.

Please support this author with your VOTE to make Under the Birch Tree 2018 Book of the Year.

Need a good book club suggestion for this fall?

downloadWhether your book club is online or you are gathered together in-person, consider Under the Birch Tree with these 5 Star ratings. San Francisco Book Review claims a “must-read for anyone who has ever questioned their place in life, and Readers’ Favorite says “The author’s self-discovery, her sense of belonging, and struggles with life are real and can be related to well by readers.”

Thank you so much!

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