about me

I earned a journalism degree at Marquette University in Milwaukee where after graduation, I wanted to write mini stories to show and not tell. Leo Burnett advertising agency in Chicago, my first job out of school, would be my place to be, and a rare chance to see how a large, successful ad agency worked. But where I wanted to be in advertising wasn’t going to happen so I transferred my skills to international banking where I admitted after ten years, I was never a corporate banker. I quit and started to write, finding inspiration from my years living in Chicago and in San Francisco. My essays have appeared in The Magic of Memoir: Inspiration for the Writing Journey, Adelaide Literary Magazine, and blogs by the Chicago Writers Association Write City and Brevity. My debut memoir, Under the Birch Tree, about discovering connections and finding home, was published in 2018 and the Wisdom of the Willow, my first book of fiction, is due out Spring of ’24.


My husband and I enjoy traveling, cooking fine dinners, and remembering when we chased our beagles in circles.


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National Association of Memoir Writers

The Memoir Network

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Off Campus Writers’ Workshop

Women’s Fiction Writers Association