“I considered creating you after I read Summers with Juliet by Bill Roorbach and realized how such a memoir could be so inspiring and magical while understated in innocence and adventure and complement to nature. I realized I could communicate my experiences, drawing connections to places and people and home, despite my disconnections, and share my story in inspirational hope for others.”

This was an opening paragraph I wrote years ago in an essay for The Magic of Memoir, Inspiration for the Writing Journey. When the call for submission was announced, I knew what I would write. The bones of the essay were randomly placed on a blank screen and quickly the structure took shape. It was just a dialogue between me and my memoir.

With your release, all 70,000 plus exposing words reveal an authentic writer. I run my finger down your spine and embrace the covers that protect your pages. I wish for others to pick you up and to learn how to discover the connections as I did, to find home, their place to be.

 I claim you a memoir.

From all things, reading, writing and Under the Birch Tree, welcome.

(video by Phase6Productions)