The birth of Under the Birch Tree will not be the day it is published but rather was the moment I discovered a favorite tree standing tall and arabesque in greetings near the front door of my girlhood home. My birch buddy became my first learned connection, synonymous with home.

Each passing decade of my life were like doors blown open with opportunity and closed with setbacks by gusts of wind but I would find home no matter where a challenge sent me.

It was about discovering the connections and finding home.

From all things, reading, writing and under the birch tree, welcome.

. . . about me

003I grew up in Deerfield, IL, a northern suburb of Chicago. I went to college not far from there in Milwaukee, WI, to study advertising in the College of Journalism. After graduation, I moved to Chicago where I got my first job at Leo Burnett advertising agency. After ten years there, I couldn’t get to where I wanted to be so I turned to the banking industry. After working there for another ten years, I realized I wasn’t a banker. So I quit and started to write, finding inspiration from my years in Chicago, and San Francisco putting to use my knack for writing good descriptive scenery, an ear for dialogue, and experience in human interaction.

Under the Birch Tree started out as an unintended autobiography. I wanted memoir. After ten years of self-studying the art of memoir, other memoirists’ work and rewriting my book to keep pace with my new knowledge, I realized I had a universal theme, simply stated. My journey through reflections and takeaways yielded a completed memoir.

My essay, “I Called You a Memoir,” was a contest winner in The Magic of Memoir. Other essays and blog posts have appeared in thememoirnetwork.com, thediarybank.com, shewrites.com, whirlwindreview.com and other local publications.

1077083_10200672165780584_321454005_oMy husband and I enjoy traveling, cooking fine dinners, and chasing our beagles in circles.