Under the Birch Tree coming soon


postcard-front-birchThe birth of Under the Birch Tree,  will not be the day it is published but rather was the moment I discovered a favorite tree standing tall and arabesque in greetings near the front door of my girlhood home. My birch buddy became my first learned connection, synonymous with home.

Each passing decade of my life were like doors blown open with opportunity and closed with setbacks by gusts of wind but I would find home no matter where a challenge sent me.

It was about discovering the connections and finding home.

From all things, reading, writing and under the birch tree, welcome.


“Chadwick brings numerous anecdotes to life with vivid dialogue and details of settings and characters.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The journey to ‘Know Thyself’ as Socrates observed, may be the most important expedition any of us embark upon. Such is the journey undertaken by Nancy Chadwick in her memoir, Under the Birch Tree.” —Windy City Reviews

“. . . a touching memoir worth reading for anyone.” —The Story Circle Network

“Courageously navigating turbulent challenges and life transitions, Chadwick eventually discovers what she was looking for all along—the inner rootedness of the birch trees that had been her life-long companions.” —PATRICIA PEARCE, author of Beyond Jesus: A Spiritual Odyssey

“A story of finding strength in the midst of silence and secrets, and the joy of using that strength to create a life of meaning, self-worth, and faith.  —NANCY G SHAPIRO, author of The Book of Calm: Clarity, Compassion, and Choice in a Turbulent World

“A thoughtful recount of a sojourn from emotionally humble beginnings and subsequent yearning for outside validation . . . Chadwick finds her way, her place, and ultimately her home, with serendipitous and uplifting encounters with birch trees along the way.” —LAURIE BUCHANAN, PhD, author of Note to Self: A Seven-Step Path to Gratitude and Growth