From all things, reading, writing and Under the Birch Tree, welcome.

There was something about trees. My discovery started when I was fifteen and wrote a poem, “To A Tree,” and realized I had a place in this world. My birch and I seemed to shadow one another over the years, and birch tree sightings spurred memories when I sought to be at home.

I took this quote from the Prologue of my memoir, born from my girlhood growing up in a small suburban town marked by four corners. It was where I learned about home and about making connections to it.

But I would also learn about disconnections when trying to find my place to be in this world.

My tree had a purpose.

A birch tree sighting became a metaphor for living, a guiding symbol for finding home.

This was the beginning of my story and later became central to all my writing of personal narratives and fiction where themes of home, self-discovery, and universality can be found.

From the tops of the trees to the bottoms of their roots, and as the seasons evolve in our lives, there is a circular connection, where we can learn about ourselves in finding our places to be.

My birch buddy became a first connection as I learned the tree was synonymous with home.”

(video by Phase6Productions)